We believe true insight can only come from unrestrained experimentation.

Prof Jon McCormack founded SensiLab in 2015 on the idea that the best way to learn was by making things. His vision was of a space where researchers from unconnected disciplines could collaborate freely in a vibrant and supportive environment. Today, that vision flourishes.

Our purpose-built workshop incorporates dedicated design, fabrication and production studios, all integrated with advanced computing infrastructure. Facilities include immersive visualisation spaces, sound and imaging studios, fabrication areas, a wet lab and a dedicated deep learning supercomputer. This mixture allows researchers to undertake complex multifaceted projects under one roof.

The lab operates under Monash’s Faculty of Information Technology and is housed in the Monash Art Design and Architecture building on the University’s Caulfield campus. Our team come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring a diversity of ideas and expertise to the lab.

We are a resource for industry, researchers and postgraduate students interested in the unexplored possibilities of technology. Find out how to work with us.


Prof Jon McCormack

SensiLab Director

Prof Simon Colton


Dr Maria Teresa Llano


Elliott Wilson

Lab Manager

Katy Morrison


Dr Tom Chandler


Dr Matthew Butler


Assoc Prof Tim Dwyer


Brent McKee

Animation Director / Research Assistant

Dr Alon Ilsar

Research Assistant

Leona Holloway

Research Assistant

Sojung Bahng

PhD student

Mike Yeates

Research Assistant

Dr Vince Dziekan


Prof Kim Marriott


Su-Yiin Lai

Research Assistant

Kevin Shedlock

PhD student

Nina Rajcic

PhD student

Rebecca Louise Clarke

PhD student

Dr Camilo Cruz

Research Assistant

Paolo Alborghetti

PhD Student

Sam Freeman

PhD student

Sam Trolland

Research Assistant

Past SensiLab members

Dr Shelly Knotts

Research Fellow

Dr Toby Gifford

Research Fellow

Yingchen Liu

Research Assistant

Dr Patrick Hutchings

Research Assistant and PhD graduate

Kingsley Stephens

Visualisation Software Specialist

Natalie Alima

ANAT Synapse Fellow

Dilpreet Singh

App Developer

Dr Domenico Mazza

PhD graduate

Lizzie Crouch

Senior Coordinator, Engagement


SensiLab Mascot

Visiting academics

Dave Murray-Rust

Visiting academic

Marília Bergamo

Visiting academic

Andy Lomas

Visiting academic

Stefano Kalonaris

Visiting academic

Eugenia Kim

Visiting PhD researcher

Lora Oehlberg

Visiting academic