Crafting sonic environments
for immersive installations,
VR, and performance

Dr Toby GiffordResearch Fellow

Toby Gifford is a sound technologist, with a diverse array of research interests under the banner of ‘sonic environments’. As a sound-artist and musician he works with multichannel, binaural and ambisonic sound for virtual and augmented reality, immersive installation, and live performance. His practice utilises generative algorithms alongside field recording, with application in bioacoustics, aural architecture and computational creativity.

Toby was a Research Fellow in Creative Technologies at SensiLab, working on the Improvisational Interfaces project.

He is on the boards of both the Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology, and the Australian Ecoacoustics Society, and was general chair of the 2016 New Interfaces for Music Expression international conference. He holds a PhD in computer music & AI from the Queensland University of Technology, a Masters in pure mathematics (hypercomplex analysis on manifolds) from Washington University in St. Louis, and a first class honours in mathematics & physics (quantum field theory, astrophysics, and hypercomplex analysis) from the Australian National University.


Interfaces for improvisation

Creative AI

Communicating with an AI Improvisor

Creative AI