Investigating the
intersection of digital
fabrication and organic growth

Dr Camilo Cruz GambardellaResearch Fellow

Camilo is a research fellow at MADA’s Future Building Initiative and SensiLab, currently working on the development of methods to incorporate ML and AI capabilities to the creative stages of architectural design. His focus is on the use of evolutionary techniques as a means to enable designers to effectively explore vast design spaces, in search of innovative and sustainable design solutions.

Before coming to Monash, Camilo spent six years researching and teaching topics that sit in the intersection between design and computation at The University of Melbourne and The University of Chile. Prior to that, Camilo also served as a visualisation artist and architectural designer at Office of Adrian Phiffer and Office Normal, in Toronto, Canada, and at Eliash Arquitectura y Urbanismo, in Santiago, Chile.


Generative materiality

Programmable Matter