Exploring a future
without screens

Dr Domenico MazzaPhD graduate

Domenico is a visual designer working between visual design and human-computer interaction, with a keen interest in breaking computing out of the screen.

Dom studied for a practice-based doctorate in SensiLab from 2015-2019 and was awarded his PhD in 2019. He was supervised by A/Prof Tim Dwyer and Prof Jon McCormack from the Faculty of Information Technology and Dr Vince Dziekan from the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (MADA). His research focused on improving the memorability of interactions with computers by developing speculative designs for a future where perfect augmented reality allow our whole bodies and environment around us to compute. This research culminated with the speculative design of a “computational costume” – augmented reality clothing that forms the epicentre of personal computation when the digital and real become hybridised.

You can see his exegesis and practiced-based research on his website.