Representing inner
worlds through
virtual reality

Rebecca Louise-ClarkePhD student

Rebecca Louise-Clarke is a curator whose work explores the representation of memory and inner worlds in museums.

She undertook a practice-led PhD under the supervision of Dr Thomas Chandler, Dr Therese Davis and Dr Carla Pascoe Leahy exploring the use of VR in museums to capture the experiences of motherhood. It asks: how can we represent the inner world of mothers and the experience of ‘matrescence’ (first time motherhood) in museum collections and programs?

In partnership with Museums Victoria, Rebecca is studying mother-related collections at museums to explore the use of VR to create immersive experiences at the museum. Implications of this project include the realization of new ways to achieve immersive museum experiences through VR, the development of techniques to display artefacts with emerging technologies, and the development of a VR film that portrays the under-represented topic of maternal experience.