Exploring creative collaborations between humans and AI

Dr Maria Teresa LlanoResearcher

Maria Teresa Llano is a Computational Creativity researcher. Her research is focused on applying tools and techniques from different areas of AI to enable software systems to become creative collaborators, and for the development of tools that support designers and that make technologies more accessible. Her research interests include co-creative systems, generative systems, explainable AI, applications of natural language processing, applications of machine learning, and creative aspects of formal methods. Teresa‘s work has been used for the production of the West End musical “Beyond the Fence”, conceived as the world’s first computer generated musical, and the TV documentary “Computer Says Show” filmed by Sky Arts, an art-oriented television channel broadcasted in the UK.

Teresa is a Senior Lecturer of Creative AI in SensiLab. In this role she is investigating the development of novel models of human-computer co-creation.

Teresa holds a BEng in Computer Science from Icesi University (Cali, Colombia), and an MSc in Software Engineering and a PhD in Computing from the School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences (MACS) at Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, Scotland). She has also held consultancy and Research Associate appointments at BAE systems, Imperial College London and Goldsmiths, University of London.

Research Interests
Computational Creativity, Artificial Intelligence, Explainable AI, Co-Creation, Natural Language Processing and Automated Reasoning

Supervision Interests
Teresa is happy to supervise students who have a background in computational creativity and who have a genuine interest in art or design. Particular topics cover models and applications of creativity in Explainable AI, Argumentation, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.