Connecting memory and physical space

Lucija IvsicPhD student

Emerging new media artist and researcher, composer, and experienced performer, Lucija Ivšić — known professionally as ŽIVA — is currently living in Melbourne where she is undertaking her practice-based PhD at SensiLab, Monash University. Residing at the crossroads of art, science, and technology, her installations and live performances challenge the conventional approaches to live musical performance by blurring the boundaries between the commonly accepted roles of performer and listener. Her most recent work involves collaborations with non-human entities during her live shows.

Lucija began her music career at 14, as a front-woman of one of the most successful Croatian post-punk bands Punčke. From 2007 – 2019 the band played over 400 shows worldwide, released five critically acclaimed albums, and got nominated for an MTV EMA Award. Her work has been exhibited and performed at some of the most prestigious arts festivals across the world, including Melbourne Design Week, ADAF Greece, and Speculum Artium in Slovenia. Lucija is also a founder of Cereal Booking, a music agency focused on supporting emerging artists.