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Prof Jon McCormackSensiLab Director

Jon McCormack is an Australian-based artist and researcher in computing. His research interests include generative art, design and music, evolutionary systems, computer creativity, visualisation, virtual reality, interaction design, physical computing, machine learning, developmental models and physical computing.

Jon is the founder and Director of SensiLab and oversees all operations, research programs and partnerships. He is also Professor of Computer Science at Monash University’s Faculty of Information Technology and currently an ARC Future Fellow.

Jon holds an Honours degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Monash University, a Graduate Diploma of Art (Film and Television) from Swinburne University and a PhD in Computer Science from Monash University.




Interfaces for improvisation

Creative AI

Robotic 3D printing

Programmable Matter

Listening to underground worlds

Media Futures

Communicating with an AI Improvisor

Creative AI

Improvising with an AI Drummer

Creative AI