Exploring computational
music aesthetics

Stefano KalonarisVisiting academic

Stefano Kalonaris is a creative technologist, musician and researcher who specialises in Interactive Music Systems, and Performance.

He holds a PhD from the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast and he is currently a postdoctoral researcher in Music Informatics at the RIKEN Centre for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP), Japan.

He has worked on networked music performance, improvisational interfaces for human-computer interaction, and generative systems for music creation. Stefano is also an avid researcher of a myriad musical styles and he has carried out extensive field research in Brazil, Cuba and West Africa. He has performed at international venues and festivals, including Sonorities, Diffrazioni, Café Oto, STEIM, the London Jazz Festival and many others.

While visiting SensiLab, Srtefano worked with our Creative AI team on the computational aesthetics of digital music.

Stefano visited SensiLab 11 February – 1 March 2019