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Yingchen LiuResearch Assistant

Yingchen is a full-stack and mobile developer, with a keen interest in improving the productivity of research in SensiLab. He is also interested in Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, digital fabrication, robotics and electronics.

He has built a number of systems for Lab management, such as the SensiLab Inventory System which helps organise, catalogue and trace a vast collection of electronic components and the Dashboard System which gives students, staff and visitors real-time updates on activities and conditions in Art Design & Architecture (MADA) and SensiLab. He has also developed a number of custom electronic devices for research in SensiLab.

Yingchen holds a Master’s degree in Information Technology from Monash University, where his research project – supervised by Professor Jon McCormack and SensiLab Lab Manager, Elliott Wilson – explored the possibility of using two robotic arms to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of 3D printing.


Robotic 3D printing

Programmable Matter