15 January 2018

SensiLab's new space

After more that two years design and development, SensiLab has moved into a new custom built space at Monash’s Caulfield campus. The lab is part of a $15M redevelopment of the Monash Art, Design and Architecture creative precinct, which will be fully complete in February 2018. We worked with project architects Studio Roland Snooks/NNBW to create a vibrant research and collaborative space to support all our activities.

The lab’s design incorporates a series of specialised studio, laboratory and presentation spaces, a large atelier area, and working spaces for SensiLab’s staff, research students and visitors. A series of study nook and breakout spaces allow small groups of researchers to focus and brainstorm without distraction. One of the studios incorporates spectacular 3D printed polycarbonate walls, fabricated by an industrial robot using algorithmic process developed by project architect Roland Snooks and his team.

“This new space is the realisation of SensiLab’s vision for an inviting, collaborative space for multi-disciplinary research in creative technologies” said SensiLab Director Professor Jon McCormack. “We are very excited about the possibilities that this fantastic new space will bring and the collaborations it will enable.”

The new lab is richly integrated with state-of-the-art technology, including immersive visualisation systems, multi-channel sound, digital image and motion capture systems, robotics, digital fabrication and wearable electronics. Dedicated computer infrastructure includes an Nvidia DGX-1 Deep Learning supercomputer and cloud-based advanced compute servers. Studios are all digitally connected to allow the real-time sharing of large datasets and media. For example, a multi-channel sound score can be composed in the sound studio and sent in real time to an immersive stereoscopic visualisation in the Deep Immersion presentation space.

The project was funded by the University and the Faculty of Information Technology. The new SensiLab is located in Building G (MADA building) at Monash Caulfield. Tours are available by appointment only.

SensiLab studio, which features a 3D printed polycarbonate wall
Quiet study areas are integrated with immersive visualisation and compute facilities
The Digital Fabrication studio houses a variety of 3D printers, CNC milling machines and is directly connected to the atelier space