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    Jon McCormack (2017). Working with Generative Systems: an artistic perspective. (J. Bowen, N. Lambert, & G. Diprose, Eds.), Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2017) (pp. 213–218). BCS Learning and Development Ldt.
    Stanislav Roudavski and Jon McCormack (2016). Post-anthropocentric creativity. Digital Creativity, 27(1), 3–6.
    Camilo Cruz Gambardella, Justyna Karakiewikz and Michael Kirley (2016). Towards the implementation of a composite cellular automata model for the exploration of design space. In S. Chien, S. Choo, M. A. Schnabel, W. Nakapan, M. Kim, & S. Roudavski (Eds.), CAADRIA 2016 (pp. 187–196). CAADRIA.
    Programmable Matter
    Jon McCormack and Mark d'Inverno (2016). Designing Improvisational Interfaces. (F. Pachet, A. Cardoso, V. Corruble, & F. Ghedini, Eds.), Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Computational Creativity (ICCC 2016), 98-105 (pp. 98–105).
    media futures
    Creative AI
    Sensory Interactive Space
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    Presentation video.
    Creative AI
    Jon McCormack and Peter McIlwain (2011). Generative Composition with Nodal. (E. R. Miranda, Ed.), A-Life for Music: Music and Computer Models of Living Systems (pp. 99–113). A-R Editions, Inc.
    Nodal website.