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    Vince Dziekan, Sojung Bahng, Oscar Raby, Lucija Iv\v si{\'c} and Jon McCormack (2022). Knowing VR through Practice. ISEA 2022 - Possibilities. Barcelona, Spain.
    media futures
    Sensory Interactive Space
    Sojung Bahng, Stéphanie McKnight and Jon McCormack (2022, June). A comparative study of practice-based research and research-creation in media art: Comparing two doctoral studies in Australia and Canada. ISEA 2022 - Possibilities. Barcelona, Spain: ISEA International. Retrieved from
    Sojung Bahng, Ryan M Kelly and Jon McCormack (2020). Reflexive VR Storytelling Design Beyond Immersion: Facilitating Self-Reflection on Death and Loneliness. Proceedings of the 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 1–13).
    media futures
    Sojung Bahng (2018). Cinematic VR as a Reflexive Tool for Critical Empathy. International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (pp. 363–366).
    media futures