31 January 2024

Call for Papers

Special issue of AI & Society

“The Impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence on Human Creativity”

The rapid rise of generative AI technologies in applications of human creative practice – including visual art, illustration, cinema, writing, performance and music – has raised both opportunities and questions regarding the future of human and machine creativity, and more broadly around human culture. These issues span the conceptual (e.g. what roles will AI technologies fulfill in future creative practices?), ethical (e.g. issues of “style theft”), legal (e.g. questions of authorship and copyright) and creative (e.g. does AI have its own aesthetic?).

Researchers from SensiLab’s Creative AI team will be guest editing a special issue of the journal “AI & Society” on The Impact of Generative AI on Human Creativity.  The special issue will expand critical scholarly research by examining both the current and future impacts of Generative AI technologies on human creative practice, creativity, and culture. The aim of this Special Issue is to curate and present state-of-the-art work across a variety of relevant disciplines. We welcome contributors from researchers, theorists, practitioners and artists.

AI & Society: Knowledge, Culture and Communication is an International Journal publishing refereed scholarly articles, position papers, debates, short communications, and reviews of books and other publications. Established in 1987, the Journal focuses on societal issues including the design, use, management, and policy of information, communications and new media technologies, with a particular emphasis on cultural, social, cognitive, economic, ethical, and philosophical implications.

The deadline for abstract submission is 31 January 2024, with full papers due by the 30 April 2024.


Full details, including how to submit, are on the journal’s web site.


AI generated image using Stable Diffusion by Jon McCormack