15 November 2017

Visible Science

Scientists are constantly challenged to describe what they do, are all too often heard, but not listened to. Difficulties of science communication comes in many forms: context, emergence, motivation, relevance, discovery, and implications. The significant portion of it is storytelling with real-world consequences. This can be done by careful design, direction, and progressive disclosure, with many pitfalls to watch out for. This talk explored how this is as much about meaning making as about effective scientific communication.

This forum was held on 15 Nov 2017. A recording of the live stream can be viewed below.


Xavier is a curiosity-driven designer, researcher and software engineer. He currently works for CSIRO creating interactive data visualisations. Pursuing a PhD part-time at University of Sydney keeps him busy, and sometimes he wonders about machines and humans and that philosophical lot. Previously, Xavier worked in a Sydney startup doing computer vision work, freelanced as a videographer, and taught a handful of programming classes to university design students. His passion lies somewhere in the spectrum of chocolates, video games, and a better world.

Catch up on the livestream from Xavier's forum here