6 February 2018 @ 3:00 pm

The DX Lab: Building Experiences with Cultural Heritage Data

You might not think of a library as a place where digital experiments are taking place, but in this talk Paula Bray reveals how a lab based in the State Library of NSW is doing just that.

The DX Lab is developing and delivering new digital experiences that explore the Library’s vast collections and data. Described as a hub for innovation and collaboration, the team use existing and emerging technologies to build digital experiences on site and online. In this talk Lab Leader Paula Bray gave a behind the scenes look at how Australia’s first cultural-heritage innovation lab builds and supports new ways of design thinking and experimentation with digital technologies at the Library.

This forum took place Tuesday 6 February. You can watch a recording of the talk below.

Catch up on Paula's talk in this video


Paula Bray is the DX Lab Leader at the State Library of NSW. She develops, manages and promotes this innovation laboratory, driving experimentation based on new and existing technologies. Paula is responsible for delivering creative, engaging and new ways to explore the Library’s collections, data and services through a diverse range of digital experiences. The DX Lab is a place for creative partnerships with digital peers, cultural heritage organisations, students, researchers, artists and creators.