14 February 2018 @ 3:00 pm

Data, AI & The Arts: New Stories for Cultural Spaces

We may think of museums as old-fashioned or ‘stuffy’ places, but as Ana Tiquia explored in her talk they are embracing new technologies to tell captivating stories

Cultural institutions are rapidly evolving in the stories they are telling and the way they tell them. How might our growing capacity to sense and collect data, and the emergence of artificial intelligence technologies that make sense of these datasets, change the ways we tell stories? Ana Tiquia explored this, and what role might artists play in not just responding to, but shaping, critiquing and creating new conversations around artificial intelligence in museums, libraries and other cultural institutions.

This forum took place on Wednesday 14 February.

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Ana Tiquia is a cultural producer, futures thinker and strategist. She specialises in the exploration of emerging technology and experiential design – its creative applications, and how it can be used to grow public engagement in arts and culture.

Ana recently worked at Museums Victoria where she led the creative development and production of major long-term exhibitions projects, and has worked extensively in the UK with major cultural organisations such as Somerset House, the Barbican Centre, and London’s Philharmonia Orchestra to produce exhibitions, installations and interactive projects. As a producer she has worked across design consultancies, software developers and has independently produced a range of projects at the intersections of art, science and technology.

Ana is currently Account Director and Strategist at multidisciplinary design studio Fabio Ongarato Design. She is also researching the future of arts and culture, and how museums might best design themselves for change.