26 September 2018 @ 3:00 pm

Future proofing galleries

With a mission to explore the collision of arts and science, Science Gallery Melbourne is committed to designing a future-proof gallery, both in its architectural appearance and visitor experience. We believe in cracking this problem by seeking design inspiration in otherwise unfamiliar domains such as retail, artificial intelligence and mass personalization.

In this talk, Digital Media Advisor Dr Niels Wouters will share practical insights on future proofing the gallery environment. He will share an overview of global cases and illustrate how Science Gallery Melbourne embraces architecture and technology to spark amazement and promote engagement. Ultimately, Niels will discuss how this approach results in new and exciting research opportunities where academics collaborate with artists, industry and the community.

This forum took place on 26 September 2018. A recording of livestream is available below.

A recording of the livestream of Niels' talk


Niels Wouters is a design researcher, exploring emergent themes at the intersection of architecture, technology and human interaction. He has a keen interest in exploring the use of digital media to make spaces more engaging. In a previous life, Niels mentored technology start-ups in establishing digital strategies. Now he is a postdoctoral research fellow with the Microsoft Research Centre for Social Natural User Interfaces at the University of Melbourne and a digital media advisor for Science Gallery Melbourne.

Niels holds degrees in architecture, computer science and human-computer interaction. His doctoral thesis, published in 2016, examined the architectural and social qualities of technology in public space.