12 September 2018 @ 2:00 pm


How can art and technology help people be more socially and physically engaged? How can we disappear the interface? How can we create a sensory feedback loop for audiences? These are the questions that have driven Betty Sargeant’s work over the past three years.

In this forum talk Betty will talk about how she has investigated these questions, and her work as one half of PluginHUMAN, a media art and digital design team that develop immersive real-time media art using light and audio to augment participatory and interactive art installations.

This forum took place on 12 September 2018. A recording of the talk is available below.

A recording of the livestream from Betty's talk


Dr Betty Sargeant is a multi award-winning artist and designer. Her work focuses on how art and technology can help people be more socially and physically engaged.

Betty won a Good Design Award (2018), a Victorian Premier’s Design Award (2017), and the Consensus Innovation Award (2016) for her progressive digital technology work. She was the Melbourne Knowledge Fellow (2016) and she was creator-in-residence at the Asia Culture Centre (South Korea, 2017 & 2016).
Betty is co-creative director of PluginHUMAN, a Melbourne-based art-design activation. PluginHUMAN create interactive and participatory art and design installations for international Galleries, Museums and Festivals. She has exhibited her work in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. Betty’s PhD was ranked top three at the CHASS Prize (2015). She has academic publications and regularly speaks at public events.