We're always on the lookout for highly talented interdisciplinary researchers to join our team.

There are currently some great opportunities for students to join SensiLab researchers in the following 4-week winter vacation projects:


A visual exploration of an AI-based music system

Project summary: In this project you will work with an AI-based music system that dynamically learns a model that can respond to a human musician. The aim of the project would be to enable visualisation of the data the system has learnt during an improvisation performance in order to explore the user experience with and without this extra information. For this, you will identify and implement a form of visualisation of the data the system has learnt in real time so that it can be interpreted by the human musician.

Prerequisites: Third-year or Honours computer science student with strong programming skills as well as background in Markov Models. Musical background or skills would be useful, but not mandatory.

Additional information: If shortlisted you are required to attend an interview sometime in June (a suitable date will be arranged with shortlisted candidates).

Information about how to apply to the winter projects will be available soon.