Making Music Creation More Accessible

Gestural controllers used to unlock the creativity of people living with disability

Many people living with a disability are rarely given the opportunity to find their true creative outlets. The impact of music programs have been theoretically and empirically explored and show both individual and social benefits for people in general and more specifically people living with disability.

The AirSticks is an innovative gestural electronic instrument that promotes creative musical improvisation, resulting in highly emotive responses and the unlocking of creativity. With a variety of soundscapes, the AirSticks can be customised to allow access to those with cognitive and physical limitations and/or no priority understanding of music. They promote social engagement, connection, and a sense of self and identity through creativity.

Through a series of workshops run by music therapists, experts in disability and improvising musicians, this project has connected with kids living with autism and physical disabilities, to people living with dementia.

More data from workshops will inform the redesign of the AirSticks for more specific uses. This project is ongoing

In collaboration with:

Gail Kenning
Robbie Avemain
Mark Havyliv


A series of workshops and a live performance by Alessio Diletosso through the Safe in Sound mentorship program

Project members

Dr Alon Ilsar