The Multisensory Museum

Museums are – and have always been – mixed reality spaces par excellence. Today, digital technologies extend the ways in which the wealth of material culture they contain can be interpreted and exhibited, presenting new and (previously) unimaginable ways of bringing their stories to life.

This research strand is open to speculative as well as applied investigations that explore the fullest range of multisensory and immersive experiences that museums and their collections can offer. We are particularly interested in supporting proposals that seek to extend the palette of media, design and communications beyond the visual to other senses (haptic, aural) and sensibilities.

Research may turn its investigative focus to immersive design, inclusive design, multimodality and assistive technology application. Note: Applicants may wish to reference The Routledge Handbook of Museums, Media and Communication for inspiration and to identify possible research trajectories that are of personal interest.


Dr Vince Dziekan
Professor Jon McCormack



Digital designer/producer, Creative technologist, Software/systems Developer


All information about eligibility and how to apply can be found on the How to Apply webpage.