About our Research

Our work investigates the creative possibilities of technology. Our projects harness the trans-disciplinary expertise of our staff, students and collaborators.

SensiLab has four main research themes:

Creative AI

Using recent developments in AI and deep learning, how can we design systems that co-create with people? SensiLab is home to leading AI researchers who are undertaking research that aims to support, nurture and expand individual and collective creativity rather than mimic or automate creative processes. We conceptualise people as central in any creative process.

As part of our Creative AI research, we are investigating what non-human creativity might be and developing interfaces that creatively collaborate with artists and musicians.

Media Futures

How can we drive and create the electronic media experiences of the future? Our interest is in both personalised media experiences and collaborative social engagement. We use immersive, interactive and dynamic digital technologies to interrogate the world; to find new ways of telling stories about society, cultural heritage and collections.

Our work in virtual heritage is world leading, and has recognised through international awards.

Sensory, Interactive Space

Moving beyond our visual primacy, how can we privilege other senses in interactive, spatial experiences? We want to build interfaces to technology that are improvisational and playful: instantly graspable but infinitely masterable. What role can cross-sensory modalities play to make culture more intimate and accessible?

Researchers in SensiLab and the Faculty of IT are building one of the world’s leading inclusive technologies research centres, carrying out work that builds meaningful access for those who are blind or have low vision.

Programmable Matter

How can we develop a new branch of computational design that is applied to dynamic physical materials? We are developing the next generation of generative design processes that work with digitally fabricated material as programmable matter.

Our team has expertise in a diverse range of digital fabrication technologies and we collaborate closely with the Schools of Design and Architecture at Monash to carry out this unique research.

Explore our research projects and our publications to find out more.