05 July 2023

Workshop in Prato, Italy

Research [in] Action

From the 5-7 July 2023, SensiLab will host a workshop on practice-based research in Prato, Italy. Titled “Research [in] Action”, the workshop will be a unique opportunity for anyone interested in research through creative practice, providing an integrated programme of activities dedicated to practice-based research into, for and through digital culture.

We welcome interested researchers, artists, academics and practitioners to participate, in particular PhD candidates and Early Career Researchers are welcome. The workshop will include a series of presentations from leading researchers and artists from Europe, Australia and beyond, along with site visits to Florence and the surrounding region of Tuscany. It will be an excellent opportunity for networking, building international collaborations and learning about different approaches to research through practice.

Spaces are limited to 40 participants. If you would like to attend, please complete this expression of interest.

Current Program:

Monday 3/7

9.30am – 5.30pm: SensiLab in-house writing workshop
6-7pm: Prato tour

Tuesday 4/7

9.30am – 5:30pm: SensiLab in-house writing workshop
Evening: dinner in Prato

Wednesday 5/7

9:30am – 5.30pm: Research [in] Action Workshop day 1
Activities include participant presentations, group activities with PhD cohort, Mentoring

7-9pm: Performance showcase evening

Thursday 6/7

9am – 7pm: Research [in] Action Workshop day 2
Excursion to Florence, including cultural tour and university visit, followed by dinner in Florence

Friday 7/7

9:30am – 5pm: Research [in] Action day 3
Full-day programme of panel presentations, break-out discussions and think-tanks