16 September 2022

Good Design Awards 2022

Gold Award for the Blundstone Smart Shoe

SensiLab has been awarded a Gold Award for Design Research from Good Design Australia. Presented at the awards ceremony in Sydney in September 2022, this award is for our work on the Blundstone Intelligent Footwear, in partnership with Blundstone Australia Pty. Ltd. and Design Health Colab at Monash.

Healthcare workers face some of the most demanding workplace environments leading to discomfort, musculoskeletal injury, and fatigue. This project brings together Blundstone’s rich history in workplace safety with Monash University’s research into cutting-edge fabrication, sensor technologies, and user-centred design to develop an intelligent shoe that provides real-time OH&S insights.

The shoe and sensor developed for the project

MiEye – Wearable Light Sensor

This new wearable light sensor, designed at SensiLab also received a green award for design research. Developed in collaboration with Monash’s Design Health Collab and researchers at the Turner Institute, the device measures light exposure across the visible spectrum, analysing results on your “light health” via a smartphone app.

Unhealthy light behaviour can lead to poor health. MiEye provides constant monitoring of the types of light people are exposed to throughout their day. Through mathematical models, the device understands your personal circadian rhythms and guides you towards healthy light exposures. Making the unconscious and confusing effects of light conscious.

The MiEye wearable sensor