20 June 2022

SensiLab at ISEA2022

SensiLab presentations at the 2022 International Symposium on Electronic Art

SensiLab will be presenting a number of research papers and demonstrations at this year’s International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) in Barcelona, Spain, 10-16 June 2022. ISEA is one of the most important annual events worldwide dedicated to the crossroads where art, design, science, technology and society meet.

Here’s a list of full papers presented by SensiLab researchers:

Nina Rajcic and Jon McCormack, Posthuman Rituals

Vince Dziekan, Sojung Bahng, Oscar Raby, Lucija Ivsic and Jon McCormack, Knowing VR through practice

Sojung Bahng, St├ęphanie McKnight and Jon McCormack, A comparative study of practice-based research and research-creation in media art: Comparing two doctoral studies in Australia and Canada

Sojung Bahng, Vincent Dziekan and Jon McCormack, Reflexive-vr.com: Reconfiguring a physical VR exhibition into an online virtual exhibition due to the COVID-19 pandemic

This year’s ISEA is the 26th event of the long running conference and the first time it has been held in Europe in ten years. Copies of all the papers can be downloaded from our publications page.