16 May 2018 @ 3:00 pm

Wearable X: bringing design and technology together

Whether it’s wearable sensors or clothing that provides haptic feedback based on your movements, there is increasing innovation at the intersection of technology and fashion. In this talk, Benedikt Funke will explore how fashion tech company Wearable X aims to create a better quality of life through this combination.

Wearable X designs, develops and produces hardware, software and apparel that creates innovative fashion that addresses specific needs and creates unique experiences. Benedikt will explain how the company addresses design challenges and software development to integrate technology into fashion.

This talk took take place on 16 May.

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Benedikt is the Technical Product Manager at Wearable X. He joined the company in January 2017 where he is responsible for for all tech related aspects of the company. His major focus during the last 1.5 years was to bring smart yoga pants, Nadi X, from prototype to product stage. This included hardware development, supply chain management, testing/quality management, certification and software development.

Benedikt has a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering with focus on microsystem technology. He previously worked on MEMS sensors and the development of next-generation power supply for portable applications.