30 May 2018 @ 3:00 pm

I Can't Paint, But Meet My Robot: An AI Painting Project

When an AI-powered robot creates a painting, who is the creator, and is it art? Jeremy Kraybill describes his journey in creating a painting using artificial intelligence and an industrial robot for the 2018 Robotart competition.

This talk will focus on the technical aspects of developing a ‘creative’ artificial intelligence network and translating that into a physical painting, and will discuss AI as a tool for human expression.

This forum took place on 30 May. Watch a recording of the talk below.

A recording of Jeremy's talk can be watched here


Jeremy Kraybill is the co-founder of Dashcord and the Chief Entrepreneur in Residence at the Melbourne Accelerator Program. He has worked in high-tech startups in Australia and the US for over 20 years, primarily in enterprise software development.