17 November 2017

Virtual Reality Cinema

On 17 November we invited people to experience the works of Sojung Bahng, Indae Hwang and Patrick Hutchings in an exhibition of two VR short films; On the Wall and Floating Walk – Gangnam Kangaroo.

Floating Walk – Gangnam Kangaroo is a 360˚ documentary directed by Sojung Bahng  that tells the story of a young Korean woman, living in Australia, who goes on a journey of self-confrontation to trace the root of her unclear but painful emotion. On the Wall  is a 360˚ video for music composed by Pat Hutchings that shows the night views of Seoul and Melbourne and abstract dream-like experience such as walking on surreal urban landscape at night.

A scene from Floating Walk
Visitors experience our Virtual Reality Cinema
A scene from On the Wall
Visitors experience our Virtual Reality Cinema