01 August 2018

Simon Colton joins SensiLab

We are excited to announce that Professor Simon Colton has joined SensiLab as Professor of Computational Creativity

Simon is a leading artificial intelligence researcher specialising in the study of Computational Creativity. His research aims to develop new kinds of computational systems where the software itself takes on creative responsibilities. His research has found significant application in both art and science projects.

‘I’m really looking forward to working with Professor Jon McCormack,’ said Simon. ‘He is one of the few people worldwide who has had both serious artistic and scientific impact through generative systems, and has contributed a lot to the Computational Creativity cause.’

‘It’s a very exciting time to be joining the faculty of Information Technology at Monash, as the new Dean, Professor Jon Whittle, is successfully pushing through a programme of hirings to expand the faculty, building on an already impressive reputation.’, he said.

Simon is known for research projects such as The Painting Fool, whose aim is for a computer program to be taken seriously as an artist in its own right, The WhatIf Machine, which performs fictional ideation for cultural appropriation, and the Wevva app which enables videogame design directly on hand-held devices.

Simon has led research groups at Imperial College London, Goldsmiths College and Falmouth University in the UK. He will share his new role at Monash with a position at Queen Mary University of London.

At SensiLab, Simon will expand on research that looks at creative systems for automated code generation. This will include looking at applications where an understanding and appreciation of the code is as important as running it, critical in application areas such as game design.

Simon has written a post for SensiLab new AI research blog. Find it, and other posts exploring current trends and research in AI, on our new platform.