08 May 2018

Blackmagic Design support for SensiLab

SensiLab has been given a boost with cutting-edge technology to support research thanks to Blackmagic Design.

Founded in Melbourne, Blackmagic Design is a world leader in creative film and video technology. SensiLab Director, Professor Jon McCormack said that their support gives researchers and students access to some of the best equipment in the world to help achieve their goals.

“Our research aims to investigate the untapped potential of technology and rapidly prototype innovative applications and creative possibilities that others haven’t yet thought about. The equipment and software from Blackmagic Design helps us to achieve that,” he said.

“Blackmagic have been incredibly supportive of our vision to become one of the world’s leading creative technology research centres. They are a local company that is now a leading facilitator for creative professionals all over the world. We look forward to partnering with them on future research projects.” Professor McCormack said.

Natalie Alima is collaborating with SensiLab director Jon McCormack to explore ways to control and orchestrate biological growth

Blackmagic Design Chief Executive, Grant Petty is delighted to see so many of their products being used for research purposes at SensiLab.

“Some of the world’s most innovative research is being done at Monash University, and the research that SensiLab is doing on VR, the art and design of moving images and sound and other scientific research is incredibly exciting. It’s humbling and also very exciting to see our products being used on this level of research and with their student film and broadcast work,” Grant said.

The products, which include digital cinema cameras, video switchers and converters have been integrated into SensiLab’s new bespoke research facilities, helping researchers to explore exciting new applications supported by state-of-the-art technologies.

Sojung Bahng’s work includes the development of immersive video and virtual reality to elicit critical empathy

The Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera is currently being used to help understand how biological organisms grow and develop in response to robotic intervention as part of the Biohybrids research project. The camera is attached to a microscope imaging system and used to record time-lapse sequences for later analysis. The research hopes to translate principles of microscopic growth to architectural scale using digital fabrication technology.

PhD student and media artist Sojung Bahng is researching how to elicit critical empathy in new forms of interactive media, such as cinematic virtual reality. She is working with 360 video and using Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve Studio software to edit her groundbreaking work.

The Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro is being used to document a variety of lab research projects working with students from Design and Journalism to produce innovative short films, documentaries as well as news stories on the research undertaken in SensiLab.

Journalism student Tiffany Yuan has been using Black Magic Design technology to document research at SensiLab

Blackmagic mini converters, recorders and switchers operate behind the scenes in SensiLab’s deep immersion, sound and imaging studios to deliver real-time 4k and HD video seamlessly between the studios and to help broadcast talks, seminars and research presentations all over the world via web streaming.