20 August 2018


SensiLab has created a new platform to share information about cutting-edge Creative AI research. Patrick Hutchings explains more.

It is an exciting time for creative practice involving AI, with great projects growing in new and unexpected directions. ai.sensilab is a new online resource for all things at the intersection of contemporary creative practice and AI; a hub that encourages interaction between people from diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives.

The site’s launch coincides with the growth of creative AI as a major research area at SensiLab and the appointment of Prof Simon Colton as Professor of Computational Creativity. It will feature hands-on tutorials, research software, datasets, news and opinion writing from leading practitioners in the field.

There can be a disconnect between traditional machine learning and creative practice forums that can reduce the exposure of creative AI works to the wider community. Our aim is to provide a valuable and expansive resource for all those who are working at the frontiers of technology and creativity, from researchers and developers to creative artists.

The site is a space that welcomes and celebrates creative and technical accomplishment. We support diversity and openness by actively seeking new contributors and encouraging personally developed narratives.

We will be introducing a range of creative AI projects from SensiLab relating to improvisational interfaces, music composition, interactive tools for galleries, cartography, game design and drawing robots. There is also an exciting roster of guest contributors during the first month, including Ana Tiquia, Anna Ridler and Helena Sarin.

New content is added to ai.sensilab on Mondays and Thursdays