22 July 2020 @ 12:00 pm

In and Out of Reality

Imaging technologies are in a constant race to achieve the highest level of realism for capturing and displaying reality in all dimensions. At the same time, advancements are made to enable the manipulation of media to the point where it’s hard to detect truth from false. 

Ziv’s work explores tensions between physical and computer-generated realities and proposes ways in which the physical and virtual can interplay. She will show work done over the last five years and share a project currently in development titled Sylvia, a virtual influencer.

This SensiLab Forum was held on Wednesday 22nd July 2020. A video is available below.

Ziv Schneider is an artist and designer working with new and emerging technologies, often in the context of non-fiction storytelling. She is an alum, former research, and sometimes lecturer at NYU ITP. Her work has been showcased internationally in festivals and museums including IDFA Doc Lab, MIT, Sotheby’s, Queens Museum, and Futurium Berlin. Residencies and fellowships include the Economist Media Lab and Pioneer Works. Ziv is currently a Creative Technologist at The Brown Institute for Media Innovation at Columbia University School of Journalism.