10 June 2020 @ 4:00 pm

AI and Mental Illness

If an AI could achieve the level of complexity required for mental states, could it also develop a mental illness?  

Marrow is an interactive theater piece, exploring the possibilities of mental disorders in machine learning models. Grounded in hands-on ongoing research and speculative design, the participants experience the story of four AI models desperately trying to function as a family having dinner, as they play the role of each family member. The project uses glitches found in machine learning models to reflect on the human condition and the social constructs that created those models, offering new paths for social thinking.

Marrow is currently in development and in this talk, artist and creator Shirin Anlen will reflect on the research, the lessons from the creation process, the tools that are being built to support the experience, and discuss her vision for moving forward.

This talk was held on 10 June 2020. A recording is available below.


Shirin Anlen is a creative technologist who works with emerging technologies including, but not limited to, sensors, AR, VR, web platforms, and machine learning. She is motivated about creating emotional, meaningful and outstanding immersive experiences that are rooted in real-life stories and have the potential to empower and engage communities. 

She holds an MFA in cinema and television, was a research fellow at MIT Open Documentary Lab, a co-founder of Raycaster, an experience design studio and the founder-director of Steamer Salon, the first VR and interactive storytelling festival and lab in Israel.