7 November 2018 @ 3:00 pm

Future architecture: biocompatible structures

Can living organisms and digitally fabricated structures work together to create new forms of architecture? Natalie Alima is researching the biocompatibility of such structures through a hybrid of biology, computational design and robotic fabrication.

In this forum, Natalie will talk about her work that hacks into an organism’s chemistry and behavioural characteristics in order to explore the integration of material and fabrication constraints within the design process. Her research aims at creating a new design language between material and form in order to promote a new relationship between buildings and nature. This approach will open up new possibilities for generative co-design, material aesthetics, sustainability and non-anthropocentric creativity.

This forum took place on 7 November. A recording of the livestream is available below.

A recording of Natalie's talk


Natalie is currently undertaking a Synapse residency at SensiLab. investigating ways to control and orchestrate biological growth and development through robotics and digital fabrication. She is also working on a PhD, supervised by Roland Snooks (RMIT) and Jon McCormack. She is currently running BioLab Studio’ for the Masters of Architecture program at Monash and RMIT, which focusing on the scientific properties of natural organisms discovered on the micro scale to the macro inhabitable form.