21 March 2018 @ 3:00 pm

360 video production

The technology behind 360 video production has been around for some time but it has still not been adopted by many consumers. Jemma Douglas and Ryan Pow work on productions trying to change that.

In this forum they talked about 360 video productions at Staples VR, a complete VR production studio with offices in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. They explored what makes a successful film through discussing their on set work flow as well as post-production.

This forum took place on 21 March.

Watch a recording of Jemma and Ryan's talk here


Ryan Pow has spent the last 8 years camera operating and vision switching in a live broadcast setting as well as getting stuck into post production from editing to motion graphics and compositing. With the emergence of Virtual Reality, Ryan has been working for Staples VR as the head of their post pipeline. Tasked with stitching, clean up, VFX and compositing, he is well versed with Photoshop, After Effects & Skybox, Nuke & Cara VR as well as 360 degree stitching software packages.

Jemma Douglas joins the VR world by way of traditional film and photography. She has worked across the advertising world as a producer of high quality photography and video content with highlights including a voluntary euthanasia campaign with Andrew Denton and the Tim Tam x Messina collaboration. Since arriving in Australia she has been part of teams with projects premiering on ABC iView for the ABC Love Bites program and on SBS Viceland as part of the queer short collection. In 2017, in collaboration with Chekov’s Gun and Staples VR, she received the 360 Vision Virtual Reality Development Initiative grant from Create NSW/ABC to create The Obscure– a sci-fi, neo noir, live action series. In 2018 she joined the team at Staples VR in Melbourne.