30 October 2019 @ 4:00 pm

Playing with the Internet of Things

The term Internet of Things captures more than seamless connection between digital and material, palpable and the ethereal. It also evokes how our multitude of intimate devices are interlinked, offering extraordinary connectivity and access, but at the cost of technology upkeep and the surrender of all personal data. The embeddedness of the Internet of Things across North Asian urban centres transforms cities themselves into technology devices, offering a total ease of connection while collecting every molecule of information.

How are these vast digital networks, AI and surveillance countered through playful acts of resistance?

With attention to WeChat connected QR Codes, Sesame Credit, Smart Cities and Society 5.0, Dr Hugh Davies explored how cities and citizens in North Asia are coming to terms with such hyper-connectivity. Drawing on recent practice-based research undertaken in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan, this forum talk explores disruptions, digital resistance and gestures of defiance across North Asia, discussing how analogue activity become a radical politic act.

This forum took place on 30 October 2019.

Hugh Davies is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher and curator. Through practice based-research, he examines histories of media devices and cultures of play in the Asia Pacific Region. Awarded a PhD in Art, Design and Architecture from Monash University in 2014, Hugh’s work has been supported with fellowships from Tokyo Art and Space, M+ Museum of Visual Culture and the Hong Kong Design Trust. He is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia.