7 August 2019 @ 4:00 pm

Am I bot or not?

A new era of natural language generation is emerging that might help people create new forms of poetry, art and wordplay as well as creating vast amounts of advertising and social content to fill every crevice of the internet. Or maybe, as some pundits have predicted, it might destroy society as we know it with weaponised, generative propaganda and fake news.

In this forum talk, Dave King will playfully explore different ways that generative language is being used in the realms of commercial creativity like advertising, design and art. Covering his company’s own experiments as well as looking at leading, global practitioners, “Am I bot or not?” will inspire, unsettle, provoke and amuse.

This forum took place on 7 August. A recording of the livestream of the talk is available below.

A recording of Dave King's talk

Dave King is CEO and founder of the Melbourne-based creative artificial intelligence startup, Move 37. It uses machine learning and natural language generation to augment ideation, conceptual creativity and invention. He was founder and head of innovation at at the award-winning independent creative agency, The Royals. Dave has more than 20 years’ experience developing an understanding of consumer behaviour, media consumption, emerging platforms and creative practices.