Stress Pendant

Stress Pendant

A live social experiment using wearable technology to build an interactive stress map of Melbourne

Project Members

Jon McCormack
Elliott Wilson
Dilpreet Singh
Matthew Kairys


Apps, Electronics, Research, Wearables

In a live social experiment, 40 participants will be given a small, wearable “stress pendant” that can be worn around the neck, kept in a pocket, pinned to clothing, attached to a belt or keyring.
Squeezing the pendent when stressed registers with an associated app that performs data-gathering around the time the stress was logged. This data is fed into a cloud database that will enable us to develop a “stress map” of Melbourne. During the exhibition visitors will be able to see live stress points and individual stress events as they happen across the city.
Use the hashtag #stressed to contribute to the data collection even if you don’t have a pendent!

The project was developed as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week 2016.

App BLE MKW2016 stress visualisation wearable