Stephanie Andrews

Stephanie Andrews

October 4, 2017 @ 3PM

Liminal VR


VR can allow us to experience the impossible – realities we could never perceive without this technology. Beyond just creating fantasy worlds, VR opens up possibilities to explore complex layered spaces, fractured dimensions, multiple realities, and non-euclidian formats in a way not possible in other media. Stephanie will be discussing these ideas and showing how people around the world are creating these new spaces to explore, and talking about what worlds have opened up during her research. She will also be discussing and demonstrating her own projects she has created, and giving you the opportunity to play with pocket universes in her interactive VR artwork for the HTC Vive called Shards.


Stephanie Andrews is a digital artist and researcher pushing the boundaries of creative expression and sensory perception in VR. She is currently working on her PhD at RMIT University, and is the Creative Director for LiminalVR. She started her career as a Technical Director at Pixar, has over 15 year experience as a lecturer, and has exhibited her works internationally. She has worked with VR, kinetic sculpture, holography, stereoscopic media, installation, motion capture, and computer graphics.