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Studying and treating addiction using virtual reality immersive environments

SensiLab 3D modellers and games programmers develop a range of immersive and interactive virtual environments for personalised addiction treatments. VIEW >>

stress pendant


Stress Pendant

A live social experiment using wearable technology to build an interactive stress map of Melbourne VIEW >>

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Accessible 3D-printed models for the vision impaired


Accessible Graphics for the Vision Impaired Community

Investigating and prototyping technology-based solutions for the development and provision of accessible graphics. VIEW >>


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Featured Project

Visualising Angkor

The Visualising Angkor Project explores the historical recreation of the medieval Cambodian metropolis of Angkor through virtual, 3D technologies. VIEW >>

Hive Mind


Hive Mind

Participate in a shared, virtual world generated from your body's data VIEW >>

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Ri Liu

Making Numbers Beautiful With Data Visualisation WATCH >>