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Improvisational Interfaces

How can we build new forms of human-machine interfaces that support improvisational creativity? VIEW >>

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Barrett Ens

Leveraging Spatial Interaction for Immersive Analytics WATCH >>

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Robotic 3D Printing

Investigating the application of multiple robotic arms to efficiently 3D print wireframe objects using off the shelf components. VIEW >>


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Touchcube Project

A Design Space for Spatio-Data Coordination: Tangible Interaction Devices for Immersive Information Visualisation VIEW >>


Simulation of Train Carriage Interior Design to Reduce Dwell Time

Leveraging recent advances in the sophistication and authenticity of game engine software to replicate real human interactions, this project has developed methods of recreating and observing the dynamics of passenger dispersal on commuter trains. VIEW >>


Stress Pendant

A live social experiment using wearable technology to build an interactive stress map of Melbourne VIEW >>