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Swamp City: Visualising Climate Change Scenarios in Elwood, 2066

This initiative aims to develop immersive 3D visualisations of flooding scenarios that support industry and community stakeholders in understanding the impacts of future urban challenges and the benefits of water sensitive city transformations. VIEW >>

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Ri Liu

Making Numbers Beautiful With Data Visualisation WATCH >>

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Thoughtforms, installation view

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Tested on Humans: Melbourne Knowledge Week

sensiLab will host an exhibition and panel discussion around the topic of the Quantified Self as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week VIEW >>


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Featured Project

Studying and treating addiction using virtual reality immersive environments

SensiLab 3D modellers and games programmers develop a range of immersive and interactive virtual environments for personalised addiction treatments. VIEW >>

stress pendant


Stress Pendant

A live social experiment using wearable technology to build an interactive stress map of Melbourne VIEW >>

Hive Mind


Hive Mind

Participate in a shared, virtual world generated from your body's data VIEW >>