Touchcube Project

Touchcube Project

A Design Space for Spatio-Data Coordination: Tangible Interaction Devices for Immersive Information Visualisation

Project Members

Maxime Cordeil
Elliott Wilson
Tim Dwyer
Benjamin Bach
Jon McCormack
Toby Gifford
Shelly Knotts


Human-Computer Interaction, Research, Virtual Reality

We introduce the concept of “spatio-data coordination” (SD coordination) which defines the mapping of user actions in physical space into the space of data in a visualisation. SD coordination is intended to lower the user’s cognitive load when exploring complex multi-dimensional data such as biomedical data, multiple data attributes vs time in a space-time-cube visualisation, or three-dimensional projections of three-or-higher-dimensional data sets. To inform the design of interaction devices to allow for SD coordination, we define a design space and demonstrate it with sketches and early prototypes of three exemplar devices for SD coordinated interaction.