Rock On: An Augmented Reality Journey through Deep Time

Rock On: An Augmented Reality Journey through Deep Time

In this project, sensiLab is collaborating with the Faculty of Science (School of Geosciences) to reconstruct an immersive visualisation of the Devonian seafloor 400 million years ago. The visualisation draws upon a select range of fossilised fauna found in Buchan limestone as well as inferred and associated animals attested in the Australian fossil record of this era. This dynamic virtual reconstruction is being developed as an augmented reality experience for primary, secondary and university students in the Monash Earth Sciences Garden.

Project Members

Tom Chandler
Elliott Wilson
Mike Yeates
Thomas Bochynek
Jason Moore
Dilpreet Singh

Monash Faculty of Science

Barbara Macfarlan
Marion Anderson


Virtual Reality

Monash’s magnificent Earth Sciences Garden is a “living” geological map of Victoria collating nearly 500 rock specimens, laid out as they are in situ with local flora. This garden, the first of its kind in Australia and the most comprehensive worldwide, establishes Monash as a world leader in creating an innovative, immersive teaching and learning experiences.

SensiLab is collaborating with the Monash Faculty of Science to create an augmented reality App that makes the rocks come alive, telling their story and adding information that is missing in the “real life” garden walk. The Augmented Reality experience seeks to immerse our students and visitors back in time, from 300 million year old Devonian seabeds brimming with long extinct life-forms, to Victoria’s prehistoric landscapes where megafauna roam beneath smoking volcanoes.

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