3D Scanning of Human Figures

3D Scanning of Human Figures

A FIT1041 research project by Daniel Stanhope, 3D scanning and printing human figures.

Project Members

Daniel Stanhope



Only a few years ago it was something of a novelty to have yourself 3D scanned and purchase a small 3D printed figurine as a memento of the occasion. Today this process is fast becoming a viable alternative to visiting a photographic studio.

For his FIT1041 research project, Daniel Stanhope explored the 3D scanning and subsequent 3D printing of human figures using the sensiLab Artec Eva 3D scanner and Makerbot 3D printers. Daniel was able to investigate the the setting up, editing and post processing involved in scanning high resolution geometry, and advise sensiLab researchers on best practice for capturing full scale human figures in 3D.

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