Craig James

Craig James

May 24, 2017

Mixed Reality Techniques for Remote Management


The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) employs over 5000 staff, covering 55 sites across Australia, and is listed in the top 1% of global research agencies, developing technologies that contribute over $5 billion to the Australian economy each year.

The Mine Processing Technology Group (MPTG) has been operating in CSIRO for over 20 years, utilising sensing, analytic, automation and augmentation technologies to deliver improvements in safety, productivity and sustainability for the mining industry.

For the last decade, the MPTG has been conducting human factors research in the Remote Management Centre (RMC) at the Queensland Centre for Advanced Technology, employing mixed-reality techniques in tele-operation, tele-supervision, tele-collaboration and tele-assistance systems.

This talk will introduce the broader structure inside CSIRO and describe capabilities and projects of the MPTG and RMC.


Craig is a Software Engineer with 20+ years in Research & Development, specialising in real- time monitoring and control, 3D visualisation, human-machine interaction, wearable computing and Virtual Reality. He has had roles in mining and gaming industries, and is now working at CSIRO to improve safety and productivity through remote technologies.