Tested on Humans: Melbourne Knowledge Week

sensiLab will host an exhibition and panel discussion around the topic of the Quantified Self as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week

As part of Melbourne Knowledge Week sensiLab is presenting an exhibition around the “Quantified Self” and a panel discussion, Tested on Humans.

We will be ‘testing on humans’  our own prototypes that delve into GPS mapped stress patterns, thought patterns turned into 3-dimensional physical form, and collective biosensored monitorisation in virtual reality.

The panel discussion will dissect the quantified self movement – how this has driven changes in the way we view and deliver art and design, anthropological and sociological frameworks, physical optimisation, and technological advancement as a whole.

Wearable sensors allow you to collect all kinds of data about your body and mind, and use that data to make potentially life-changing decisions. But does continually quantifying ourselves – a data-driven life of self-surveillance – give us the freedom to make better choices, or do we become defined and limited by our data? Numbers only give us what we can measure.

Event Details


4 May 2016

10am-5pm (exhibition)

6:30pm-8pm (panel discussion)

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Quantified Self Exhibition

The exhibition is designed to provoke questions and stimulate ideas about the role of technology in determining and liberating our behaviour. On display will be three experimental works:

  • stress pendant – a smart wearable that monitors and records your stress
  • thoughtforms – use your brain activity to build an abstract 3D form that you can 3D print and take home
  • hive mind – inhabit a shared virtual reality world that builds itself based on the biometric activity of four different people

The exhibition is open from 10am – 5pm at ACMI’s Cube space. Admission is free.

Tested on Humans Panel Discussion

From 6:30pm – 8pm we’ll be hosting a panel discussion around the topic of the quantified self. The panel members are: Pia van Gelder (artist), Suneel Jethani (academic and lecturer at the School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne), Rachel Kalmar (California-based data consultant, formerly data scientist at Misfit wearables and famous for wearing large numbers of sensors), Jon McCormack (sensiLab director and Monash University academic).

The panel will be moderated by Vivid Ideas Sydney curator and media producer, Jess Scully.

MKW2016 Panel Discussion Quantified Self